Turn Of The Tide

by Troy Gilchrist

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Turn Of The Tide is a unique album written,recorded,mixed,produced & mastered by Troy Gilchrist where he has gone back to basics with just simple laid back acoustic riffs and ballads, he has created his own sound using different mic techniques recording all the tracks unplugged to give a live feel over everything. The Songs and album were written and recorded in just 2 weeks Troy feeling a natural flow throughout the creative process and was able to capture the songs as they were written. Using story telling throughout the album allows the listener to interpret the songs however they choose and drift away to the soothing melodies. There is a song for everyone and it is worth the time checking it out.


released 14 July 2013

Written,Recorded,Mixed,Composed,Produced & Mastered by Troy Gilchrist



all rights reserved


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Troy Gilchrist Byron Bay, Australia

Producer/Songwriter. Troy Gilchrist Writes,Composes,Produces,Mixes and Masters all his own music and has been writing for 8 years. Troy likes to have a go at every genre to keep versatile n keep the creation of all musical aspects in mind whether its a chilled out acoustic song or a Heavy Metal song he finds his passion in all music a worth while musician to listen to. ... more

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Track Name: Too Late
Too Late

Street lights approaching on the highway
Open skies remind me
It’s Too late to turn around too late to begin
I just ride on that highway head up keeping strong
Nothing will get in my way I will make it back home
Track Name: Void
Show me what is wise
Beyond the circumstance
Maker of my demise
Give me a chance

If I can’t walk away how can I fill the void that is left here in me

One chance
To make things right again
Cause I won’t see the final smoke the ash fills the dusty air that I now choke
Track Name: Some People
Some People
Hope To gain freedom a change
Restore balance turn the tables make a challenge

Cause we’re not far from falling far from falling down
When not far from taking taking this world out
We only hide and make the same mistakes and pout
Even hell wouldn’t spare a room for some of the people in this world

Greed Pain No compassion No restraint
We are Incompatible with each other
We are animals
All we have to blame is ourselves no one else
Track Name: Hidden

I need another chance in your arms
To prove that my attempts werent a loss
To you make believe all the things that you’ve seen all the things that you felt are real

Don’t hide from me
Please don’t go walking go walking away ooh baby
Fight for me cuz I don’t want you walking walking away

I’ve made my immense without haste
Met your demands but far too late
You don’t how hard tried to prove what you felt inside for me was real
Track Name: Ocean Swell
Ocean Swell

This trail deceives me beneath the shade of the summer trees
Listening for the waves crashing from the floor the endless sea

Gonna let my hair down for a change
Get lost in the ocean swell slowly drift away
Nothings gonna stop me now Im heading beyond the white breakers
Aint gonna slow down I decide my own way out

I jump right in n let the sun slip away
I feel at home for once not out of place
Track Name: Lend Me A Hand
Lend Me A Hand
The road seems longs
And the journeys bin rough
Ill keep pressing on
Until i find the one

The beat of the drum in my heart
Hear it speak louder than words
If you can hear the sound of my heart beating tonight won’t ya lend me a hand?

I have battle scars
Wounds the won’t heal
But ill press on
To no evil I will yield
Track Name: Beyond The Spiral Staircase (Instrumental)
Written,Recorded,Mixed,Produced.Composed & Mastered by Troy Gilchrist
Lyrics by Troy Gilchrist
Track Name: Next Move
Next Move

No ones gonna bring me down no I where a smile to deflect your rage
My hands burn with the desires of a animal passing time locked in its cage
Go ahead n release the beast within the consequences will be yours
Bare witness to the wrath that I am I will show you no remorse

Next move is yours
Next move is yours

I carry with me the wish of a dead man I aint got nothing to lose
You may hold a little brave face son but I see right on through
I can smell the fear seeping from beneath your skin your fragile mind about to break
Have I made myself perfectly clear cause these words I will not repeat

Next move is yours
Next move is yours

I set fire to the rain burning ashes at the devils wake
Defy the laws send your world of its axis
My struggle won’t be lost ill keep moving no matter the cost
Its my fight its my name I won’t let it die in vain
Track Name: Searching

I search for a shelter some place to keep me warm
A pair of safe hands someone to whom I belong
I wait for the dust to slowly settle
Awake from the nightmares that last from dusk til dawn

I feel your hands gripping me tightly
My fingers through yours a slow embrace
As time goes on many faces n places
I still end up at yours on the only place i feel at home

If there was another way to have seen through the fog
If only I waited I would’ve kept the headlights on
So distant so jaded the memories take course
Will I break the nightmares n make it past dawn
Track Name: It Waits For Me
It Waits For Me

I am one
With the light
Little piece of the sacrifice
No remorse
Shall remain
Nothing left upon this shallow grave
I watch from beyond beyond my means
An outer body experience
The reckoning has awaken again

I am Love
I am Hate
My body is full of rage
I can’t believe
What I’ve become
Never thought I’d be the chosen one
Oh and it waits for me

I’m holding on to a lifeline that seems to be stricken from me
Falling further away from a world that has forsaken me
Without taking a breath now I embrace what’s destined for me
Take the bull by the horns and look the lion between the eyes
Track Name: The Bird
The Bird

Fly away little swallow let the wind carry your wings to places of the fallen
My mind like the swallow yearns for the place of my existence to remain free n not forgotten

Sometimes I wish I could find little peace n quite
Be one with the sky the bird can’t be seen for miles

Perched upon his platform looking beyond past the ocean his eyes capture a glimmer of what cannot be seen
He looks on patiently scanning on towards the horizon trying determine what he’s perceived
Track Name: Pull Me Through
Pull Me Through

I Hope that your happy
Hope that smile will keep shining on your face
Cause that one moment when your smiling
Suddenly I don't feel so far away
So try to rest just close those beautiful eyes
And Ill do my best to keep you warm at night

Cause I love you
There's nothing more I want to do
Than just keep on loving you
Because your the only one that can pull me through

I can see your beauty
Reflecting from miles away
The birds start to sing and the flowers begin to blossom
And I know happiness is on the way
Track Name: Heaven

When i was so lost I could not be found
I saw a light open up between the clouds
Through the mist stood with grace
The seven in wonders in one place
Beauty never looked so divine
As I tried to find the strength to stand
You reached out and took my hands
With your warmth came compassion
Your morals were old fashioned
Just someone who wants to care

So I say to my darling
I now believe in angels from above
When I look at my darling
I know she’s from heaven

When I felt hollow and empty
You brought out the best in me
And i felt I was nothing you showed me
I was worth something
The one thing you were looking for
When I lost touch with reality
Your humble heart put my mind at peace
You gave me hope when I was out a luck
You made me feel I’m good enough
To be who I am
Track Name: Two Sides
There are Better things to life

Before you judge a book by its cover remember beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
It’s not what you see but what you feel inside it’s the lucky few who understand compromise
If you tried ohh just tried
You might see there are always two sides

We rely on TV products, consumer magazines, and materialistic ideals from plastic human beings
We tend to forget that it’s our traits and our faults is what makes us different from everybody else
Can you try oohh just try
You might see there are always two sides
If we try ooh we try
We might see the better things to life

There are better things to life than magazines n plastic beings
There better ways to live life just open your eyes